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5 Reasons Shoppers Leave Your Site

5 Reasons Shoppers Leave Your Site

You’ve worked hard and probably spent some coin on getting people to visit your website. if you’re not paying attention to the right things, that investment will be a waste. In a recent poll, 93% of website visitors said that a good user experience is the only thing that matters when they visit a site and 32% of consumer say they’ll walk away from a brand they love after just one bad customer service experience. (Source)

Check out these 5 common reasons users leave a site:


We are a quick-read society now. You may want to write paragraphs about how wonderful your product is but visitors want to get the main info fast and in few words. Drop-down tabs can be a good way to let users click on more details without cluttering up the screen.


It’s ok to be a little daring with your design and layout but be sure to put expected things in expected places – User log-in top right, Logo linked to your homepage, details in footer menu (returns, shipping, etc.).


In this day and age you would think this wouldn’t be an issue, but only 12% of sites work they way they should on mobile devices. Surprising when over 50% of all eCommerce purchase are made on a smartphone.

Start with a platform and theme that has built in responsive design like Shopify for e-commerce sites or uDesign Responsive WordPress Theme for websites.

Responsive design means your site recognizes the device and changes the appearance and functionality to provide a good user experience. 

Click here to learn how to get help to make your site responsive. Even the best themes need tweaking to give a great mobile experience.


People will leave a website almost immediately if it is too slow to load up. What causes this? Too many large photos that aren’t optimized. Too much overhead in plug-ins and apps. 

Download R Dot Checklist Fast & Furious: 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Website here.


38% of people say they will actually leave a site if the content and layout are unappealing. Don’t try to design your site from scratch. Use sites like Theme Forest or Envato Elements to find low-cost site themes that give you an attractive design to start with.

For help installing and customize your theme click here.

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